Johanna Lamb received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree Cum Laude from UCLA and her Masters of Music in Oboe Performance from The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. She performs as the principal oboist of the Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. In addition she has performed around the state with the Nutmeg Symphony Orchestra, the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra, The Blackledge Woodwind Quintet and the Con Brio Choral Society.

As a teacher, Johanna enjoys taking the oboe, what many people consider to be a difficult instrument, and making it accessible to all her students. She also finds joy in watching them develop as performers. Her students regularly perform in regional honor ensembles and All-State. Aside from music, Johanna is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit trainer. She enjoys helping herself and others appreciate a higher quality of life through increased levels of fitness.

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