ver. updated 04/01/14

The purpose of the Education Program is to introduce classical music to children. We take special pride in the orchestra’s educational offering. These concerts are an important part of our community outreach. Currently the Virtuosi has a music education program that reaches approximately more than 2000 children in New Britain with fun and inspiring programs that are part concert, part lecture, and in part a hands-on introduction to classical music and the instruments of the orchestra. Through our series of eight educational concerts in New Britain elementary schools, we provide children from a variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds with the opportunity to hear a style and quality of music. This program is very popular in these schools, and gives educators the opportunity to emphasize classical music in their school curriculum. School concerts feature a dialogue between the members of the orchestra and the student audience. Children learn about the different instruments in the orchestra, elements of style, information about famous composers, and other interesting facts from music history. The Program is sponsored by our sponsors and concerts are free for the schools. If you are interested in the Connecticut Virtuosi coming to your school, please contact the Orchestra office at