Dear Friends;

I do believe that, as we are approaching the collaboration between the Virtuosi and the Britain Symphony, we will succeed in creating a new, exciting, and inspiring musical environment in our community. I intend to work very hard to create an institution which will succeed financially artistically in the present, relatively difficult economical situation.

I do believe however that this can be achieved only by recognizing that we all must share a life-long artistic musical vocation of bringing beauty and happiness with our music to the lives of our audience members, and that we must bring it to, and make it recognizable by the whole society. If we succeed in this, all our dilemmas will become smaller, because we will share in a great mission.

I do believe that the financial support for our efforts will follow when we agree to live up to our ideals because in my opinion the world we live in needs ideals, leaders, and most of all it needs beauty and happiness every single day.

Truly Yours; 

Adrian Sylveen​​

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