As part of the Virtuosi’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, we have decided to present to you the individual musicians of the Connecticut Virtuosi. These are the extraordinary artists who continue to make our collective artistic journey so incredible. Their lives had perhaps changed quite drastically at the moment; therefore, it seems probably even more critical that we continue to showcase them as they are a vital part of our beautiful community.

On Monday morning, I had the pleasure of conversing with our excellent principal oboist Johanna Lamb. Here is the video of our Skype talk.


We are releasing recordings.

Since 1997 The Virtuosi has many recordings from past performances in our archives. Rather than trying to play together virtually (not the most satisfying artistic endeavor), we have decided to release many of these on-line. Please visit us on our website and follow our links to Youtube, SoundCloud, and our Virtuosi Records. Over the next many weeks you will find a lot of beautiful music there. We hope that this effort will bring us just a little closer together.

Focus on education

Virtuosi always had many very active educational programs (School Concerts, Music Academy, Summer Institute, Greve Academy in Italy). These efforts continue even now, as we teach on-line and continue to develop programs and initiatives adjusted to the new reality.
In August, we hope to hold the 2020 Virtuosi Summer Institute and Festival at our new Academy locations. We know that it will be a small but safe place to come together and make beautiful music. Due to the crisis, admission will be limited according to the guidelines. If you are interested in the 2020 VMI, please visit us at the for more information. We will continue to develop our educational programs in Farmington, New Britain, and Hartford. We hope that you will join us in supporting these vital community initiatives. MORE INFO >>>