Dear Friends,

On May 30, 1997, the Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra gave its first performance at the First Church of Christ in New Britain. It is amazing to think that the Virtuosi are approaching 20 years as an organization, and we are now preparing to begin our 20th anniversary season. Since its inception in 1997, the Virtuosi have grown into an established organization with programs reaching many communities in Connecticut and abroad. The Virtuosi present concerts, operas, summer festivals across the state of Connecticut, we have community and professional music educational programs in New Britain, Farmington, and in Greve-In-Chianti Italy. We are embarking on exciting academic and artistic collaborations in China.


In many ways this is a success story of dream that once was, and still continues to be. It is an idea of making music for the community to make it better, to make the people happier, to realize the passions of the listener as much as the musician and to always to make a difference. It is also a dream to grow together, and to make the impossible possible, to build opportunities for all, and to prove the viability of the new artistic concepts.


In a broader sense, we make music to continue the heritage of the past generations of people who came to this country and to this community to find freedom and happiness. These were people that built beautiful cities and communities; generations of immigrants who, with their sacrifice, built our future. Now we don’t have to do exactly as they did, but in building our own communities, organizations, and cultural institutions, our dreams, we pay tribute to the past generations. We continue their work and establish ourselves in the unbroken chain of dreaming generations fulfilling the promise of American society.


Adrian Sylveen

Founder and Artistic Director
Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra


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